Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20th July ! :')

Okay so this is what happen la k.
i go school with my curious thought.
thinking if they're gonna bring cake to school and suprise me during recess as last year.
lol think too much LOL.
there's no cake and no birthday song.
i was kinda dissapointed but at the same time feel relieved. 
because i personally dislike that kind of common celebration lmao!
so it begins like this.
me , nicole and jessie went ss19 for pan mee. * i thought they would have suprise for me at ss19 wtf *
but then nothing happen so we walked home la.
i was freaking tired and hot , due to the weather.
wanted to rest halfway but nicole and jessie ask me to go home lol. i did not suspect anything lol!
so when i'm home i can feel something weird la, idk why , i  just know.
so yeah, when i open the door , i almost.....shout/cried/faint ? IDK
i just feel like running away. so freaking awkward and shocking.
okay so ryan have to go back early plus he's sick , so im kinda touched honestly HAHHA.
but well he missed the fun! it was kinda awkward at the first place.
so we decided to take pictures together.
well, since we're taking picture we shall pose something cool right.
so yeah , end up drawing our faces and pose noobly.
that's all ! cool right ? i know it's not cool but anyway , it meant alot to me ! thanks guys !

Specially thanks to this pretties and handsome's ?LOL
-Jessie Lee , Estee Ho , Nicole Choy , Ryan Lee , Irvin Chong , Lee Zheng , Chan ALMOND.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorry for this messy blogpost. i've not enough time to blog and im really tired. so i'll arrange it tmr ! (;
btw , im going seafield carnival tmr, see you! (;

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh this has gotta be the good life ☺

Annyeong people !  
exactly how i would like to look like!

so pretty ! 

So sweet  <33

Bow tie !

Okay let me end this post with my love one! 
He so sweaty ! :( i wanna face rape him ed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello people. 
Nothing much happened today .
But still i feel like blogging , so yeah, im here to share some funny/lame stuff.

So this is how's my white shoe look like. so clean right. i know thank you ! :P


And that monday i wore this pair of shoe to school. 
So funny LOL and no one realize it until i realize at the next morning hahahhahahha . Such big difference right.
It's my sis's shoe btw lolololo im cool. 

Okay tuition later ! bye ! (;

Monday, July 11, 2011

Annyeonghaseyo ! (;

Awkward smile 1!

Awkward smile 2!

T.o.p's korean name : 최 승 현 / Choi Seunghyun , -----> .
lol i am so pro , i create some funny chinese name for him . -.-

So today was tuesday ..Obviously it's tuesday duh
went school as usual.
but best thing about today was i woke up at 6.40am. My normal wake up time was 6.05am.
I feel so good , i get 35mins extra rest LOL. just kidding, something wrong with the alarm i guess. thank god im not late for school haha.
well, as usual, gossip-ed with my friends in class .
And we talked about big bang.
we almost teared when we talked about it. cause if daesung dint get into the car accident , everything was fine, big bang will probably have a concert in malaysia and we'll get to see big bang in real life. AND NOW everything wasn't the way it should be.
Conclusion, i just wont get to see T.O.P . let's cry!
well, sigh let's get back to other topic. :'(
oh and not to forget ryan's funny face without spec also. lolol too bad no picture
nothing much until school's over.
Me and nicole is so....our bladder is so full and the nearest toilet is unavailable, so we rush to the further toilet. HAHAHHA so unlucky la.
oh and i finally get to said hi to the 'prefect' which me/my friends think he's good-looking. and yesh, he's good looking, seriously hohoho! :P
so i walked home with ivy with a very good mood. hahahhah!
gossip-ed with ivy and well, got to know each other more!
well that's all for now.

And for the ones who know, my birthday is soon.
I'm kinda stress for it lol! cause it'll be awkward so well, i kinda warn my friends about what-not-to-do and they respond like 'so, who cares? why should i listen to you?' Such good friends huh . HUHUUH :'( please don't k. :p
hm and SMKSU's carnival day is on this saturday , 16 July ! who's coming? See you there.
LOL and the other day , sunday is seafield's carnival day. I'll be going hahah , i'll pokai man $$!
well, i guess that's all. can't wait for my clothes that i ordered online. Faster arrive !

P/S : just when i was about to post this , guess what happen?
i accidentally backspace all ! and i re-typed all this GRRR!
LOL JK!!!! good news.
outside of my house 'honk honk'' .
The clothes i ordered online have arrived ! and i was satisfied with the clothes ! lovely ! (;
say hi to my pretty clothes. LOL

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bang Bang.

Okay it was just random. Bang Bang is just something i like just because it sounds like big bang wth?

Hello people ! (: Miss me?
It's been a long time since i last posted lololol!
So well, i guess you guys werent interested about what happen the past 6 months so let me move on and continue what i'm about to share today.
lol i dont really remember what happen though.

So currently i went for this church event called 'Acts Teens ; 7 weeks ' .
It was a really fun and inspiring event. you guys can check it out at!/ActsTeens
It was a event specially for teenagers.
Well, how do i explain. You should just go and experience it by yourself . (;
So there's still 3 more weeks to go. I went for the past 4 weeks.
so yeah , see you there?

if you know me well, you should have know i'm a hardcore fan of Big Bang TOP . lol hi :B

Laugh My Ass Off at his handwriting. Cakar ayam? lololol!

okay so PMR is around the corner and i'm still not done with my korean dramas. oops.
and woah , time flies. it's july already. i still feel like it January! haha!